American Miniature Horse Association

Welcome to the exciting world of the American Miniature Horse. As a member of AMHA, you will become an integral part of one of the world's fastest growing equine associations, joining more than 12,000 enthusiasts in over 30 countries already enjoying membership.

The American Miniature Horse Association promotes the breeding, use and perpetuation of a standard of equine excellence in miniature. Horses registered with AMHA must meet the Association Standard of Perfection and cannot exceed 34 inches in height measured from the last hairs of the mane.

Whether your interest is showing, breeding or recreation, AMHA offers rewarding programs, opportunities and a wide variety of resources to expand your involvement with this special equine known as the American Miniature Horse.

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Stallion Directory

Are you ready to market your stallion?

The 2015 Stallion Directory is the perfect opportunity!

Featured in the February/March issue of Miniature Horse World and on the opening page of the website, your stallion’s image, credentials and farm contact info is front and center for mare owners from around the world to access.

And the cost?  Affordable for any budget, only $65 for the year!


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Miniature Horse Farms and Ranches
The AMHA's Farms and Ranches Online Directory is the "go to" for those looking to purchase or maybe just see an American Miniature horse in your area.  Do you have questions about purchasing a mini?  Have you never seen a mini?  Are you interested in learning more about owning a miniature horse?  The farms on this list would be happy to assist you by answering your questions and maybe even offering a tour of their farm.  
Registration Update 
Spring registration work is well underway with many foals being registered and transferred in a single transaction. AMHA continues to welcome new members who are excited to be involved with Miniature horses and we are enjoying an influx of returning previous AMHA members who are registering foals and updating mares and stallions to permanent statuses.

Remember if you need a transaction completed for a horse show, the expediting fee of $40 assures your paperwork will be completed and back in the mail to you within two business days. (provided every needed item is submitted) Call for all the details (817) 783-5600.

The registration department works hard to sustain the nearly 230,000 registered Miniature horses. Be proud of your AMHA horse- he or she is a valuable part of the largest Miniature horse registry in the world!
AMHA Show Information
There's nothing more fun than going to an AMHA show and seeing all the things that these versatile horses can do.  Did you know minis can jump and they can drive?  For a great family outing, check out one of the shows in your area.  Admission is always free and the cuteness never ends.  
Halter Futurity
The AMHA Halter Futurity is now on Facebook  
Visit us here for updates and have all of your Halter Futurity questions answered.  We look forward to hearing from you.