1. I’m new to the American Miniature Horse breed and want to show. How do I get started?

    A good place to start is here on the AMHA website where you can obtain a list of AMHA approved shows (click here for show schedule) and clubs (click here for AMHA clubs). Both have contact people and phone numbers for gathering information.  Also, the current AMHA Rule Book can help answer a lot of your questions (click here for show rules).


  2. Can my 12-year-old son show our gentle senior stallion in a youth driving class?

    No.  No youth 12 years of age or under may drive a stallion.  (CL-030-H-9)   No youth 12 years of age and under may show stallions with the exception of weanling and yearling colts. (YD-010-F)


  3. How do I find out if I am going to be moved up to Amateur Level 2?

    The AMHA office will automatically calculate points and determine years shown in January of every year. Each year in January a computer generated letter will be mailed only to the exhibitors who have exceeded the criteria for level 1 and have been moved to level 2. (Each division to be considered separately.    i.e. Halter, Performance)       (AM-010-A-5-a-2 & 3)


  4. I bought my horse in November, got caught up in the holiday season, and didn’t mail the ownership transfer papers in to the AMHA office until after January 1 – can I still show in AOTE since I actually owned the horse in November?

    No. The owner or lessee of record must be so recorded in the AMHA office by January 1st of each year in which the horse is to be shown by the AOTE.        (AM-010-A-6-b)


  5. I just received my horse’s show point query I ordered and don’t understand the different point totals.

    The AMHA database records three different types of points.

    Total Points 08/01/1988 indicates the horse’s total (lifetime) points earned in that class.  These points can be used to receive AMHA Titles and Awards.

    World Show 08/29/2013 indicates World Show qualifying points earned in that class (in this case, for the 2014 World Championship Show).

    Year 2014 – indicates points earned from January 1 thru December 31 of the current year.  These points are used to determine Honor Roll (High Point) placement.


  6. I was told my new horse was a World Grand Champion Junior Stallion, so why doesn’t the show point query I ordered from the AMHA office show that?

    The AMHA database records points earned from Local and Regional Championship shows, not World Show placement.  You can find World Grand and Reserve placements on each horse’s individual record on Stud Book On-Line. Each year’s World Show Top Ten are listed in the World Championship Show Results and are also printed in the December issues of the Miniature Horse World magazine. 


  7. Our neighbor’s daughter wants to show our horses.Does her name have to be on the registration papers so she can receive points?  Any horse exhibited does not have to be owned by the youth to acquire AMHA World Championship qualifying points; however, in order to qualify for AMHyA Titles and Awards and Honor Roll points, the horse must be owned or leased by: the youth, either individually or jointly, the family (mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, legal guardian, grandparent, stepparents, step siblings, and step-grandparents) or family-owned corporation, ranch or farm, except for leadline class. If the surname of the youth is not the same as the owner of record of the horse shown, the AMHA Office must be notified of family affiliation. All youth must have a current youth membership card or youth card.       (YD-010-C)