AMHA Judge Application


Please call Val Shingledecker at 817.783.5600 extension 316 to request a Judge's Application Packet.

The following is information involved in applying to become an AMHA Carded Judge. Apprentice Applicants are those individuals who do not currently hold a National Equine Card. Carded Applicants are those individuals who do currently hold a National Equine Card. If you have any questions about judge requirements or about completing these forms, please call the AMHA office at 817.783.5600. Reference LO-020 in the AMHA Rulebook for Carded (Approved) & Apprentice Status Rules.


Judge Applicant Info

  • Applicants must submit a complete application with appropriate non-refundable fees (see application for fee schedule) and references.
  • Applicants must be 19 years of age in order to apply.
  • Provide a recent photo of yourself in the attire you would wear to judge a horse show. (The photo will remain with AMHA)
  • Applicants' names will be published in the Miniature Horse World upon receipt of application.
  • All completed references must be received by the AMHA before your application can be submitted to the Licensed Official Committee.
  • Applicants are required to complete an Approved AMHA Seminar within twelve (12) months of the application being received in the AMHA Office. Please check the AMHA website at for the complete list of AMHA Judge Seminars. Anyone submitting an application to AMHA will receive seminar information.(click here for seminar information)
  • During the seminar, applicants are required to complete a Closed AMHA Rulebook Test, Interviews conducted by the Licensed Official Committee and the AMHA Seminar Session. At that time, the committee determines:
    1. If an Apprentice Applicant is approved he/she must apprentice three (3) AMHA approved shows.
    2. If a Carded Applicant is approved he/she must apprentice a minimum of one (1) and up to three (3) AMHA shows.The number of shows to apprentice will be determined by the Licensed Official Committee.
    3. Or if the application will be denied approval.
  • Applicants must complete apprenticing requirements within twelve (12) months from the date of notification. Failure to complete the application process will result in the file being declared void and require that the application process including repayment of the application fee, be started over.
  • Applicants will be notified by mail with all appropriate information required to apprentice the required number of AMHA Approved Shows. Refer to LO-020-D in the AMHA Rulebook for all rules regarding Apprentice Judging Requirements.
  • Once the apprentice applicant's references have been received from the AMHA Judges he or she apprenticed with, the file will be reviewed at the next scheduled Licensed Official Committee meeting to determine if the applicant is accepted as an AMHA Approved Judge, or if the application will be denied approval.
  • If you are accepted for Approved Status judging status your name will appear in the Miniature Horse World as an Approved Judge. All Approved Judges must maintain their membership in the AMHA. Your name will be added to the list provided to Show Managers/Secretaries seeking the names and addresses of Approved Judges. The list of Approved Judges is posted on the AMHA web site.
  • Call Val Shingledecker at 817.783.5600, extension 316 to request an AMHA Judge Application or email
  • How to Reapply See LO-010-C