Treasurer’s Report

By Heather Ward, BC, Canada


First of all I would like to thank all those at the Annual Meeting who voted for me to be your new Treasurer and I will definitely do my very best to fulfill the responsibilities of that position.  I would also like to thank all the members who were able to attend the convention and meetings for their positive input at both the committee level and the general membership level.  I thought this meeting showed a lot of optimism for the future plus a spirit of cooperation from the members to accomplish our goals. 


The budget for 2016 was analyzed and discussed in great detail at each of the finance committee meetings, the  board and  the  general membership meetings and we believe there is a much better understanding of what needs to be done in the short term as well as what we need to do for the future.  A special thanks to the Finance committee for all their efforts on the budget, and in particular to Clair Severson, Bob Kane and Mike Griggs, who spent many hours at the AMHA office putting together with Randy Peacock, a draft budget to begin the task of balancing the budget.  We have cut costs wherever possible and introduced new programs from which we expect positive results and new revenues.   


Our Regional and World Shows did well again in 2015, contributing the second largest net profit in the past eight years.  A new qualifying system was passed which should make it easier to qualify for the World Show and the show itself was shortened by one day with Youth classes to be on the first Saturday and Sunday using a three judge system.   The Stock Type Division was approved and 8 classes will be rated classes at the 2016 World Show.   We are looking forward to a great show season so remember to get out there and enjoy your horses and support your local clubs. 


A new electronic magazine is in the works as well as some great promotion programs for our members, the details of which should be coming out soon.  Our membership and registration fees remain the financial cornerstone of our organization and we are looking for ways to increase memberships and numbers of registrations.  The immediate past two months are actually showing some positive registration results and along with the re-institution of the Hardship registration (details in your December World Magazine) hopefully that trend will continue. It takes a will, but together we can build a strong organization once again.