AOTE Program

Amateur Owned, Trained, and Exhibited (AOTE) (AM-010-A-6):

The AOTE program was established in 1999 with the intent and purpose of providing classes in which an amateur exhibitor could show his/her horses without having to compete with horses that have been trained, groomed and/or conditioned by a professional during the current calendar year. (Amended 02-11, effective 01-12)

Below are a few AOTE basics. Please review the AMHA Official Rule Book for ALL rules concerning the AOTE program.


AOTE Requirements (AM-010-A-6a): 
The horse exhibited by the AOTE must be trained, conditioned, groomed and shown ONLY by the AOTE or a non-professional family member in all divisions entered. Non-professional family members are defined as: spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, niece, nephew, son, daughter, grandchild, grandparent, legal ward, in-laws, step-children, step-parents, step-siblings. No one with a professional trainer in the household or on premises may compete in the AOTE division. 

Grooming includes bathing, clipping, razoring and all other allowable enhancements needed to prepare horse for showing. Dental, medical and farrier care do NOT have to be done by the AOTE exhibitor.
Conditioning includes, but is not limited to, exercising and neck or body wrapping.
Co-ownership - If you co-own your horse with a non-related individual, only one owner (household/family) can show the horse AOTE and the other owner will not be allowed to show the horse that calendar year.
Exhibitor exceptions: Another Amateur may show AOTE horses in Championship classes only when the AOTE exhibitor has more than one horse qualified. Another Amateur may assist in any class requiring multiple handlers.
Horse handling exemptions: An AOTE horse may be held, or petted by anyone. The petting of a horse with your bare hand is not considered grooming the horse. Anyone may assist an AOTE horse in an emergency.
Transportation: AOTE horses may be transported to and from shows by anyone, including trainers. This includes loading, unloading, feeding and watering during transport.
Liberty: AOTE horses may be shown in Liberty as long as the person exhibiting the horse is the Amateur in the AOTE program or one of their non-professional family members (see above for family members). Any non-professional person may assist in this class.


AOTE Ownership (AM-010-A-6b):
The owner or lessee of record must be so recorded on the registration certificate (not postmarked) by January 1st of each year in which the AOTE horse is to be shown.  If a horse is acquired or recorded on the registration certificate in the AMHA office after January 1, the amateur owner/lessee must wait until the following year to enter the AOTE classes.** (Amended 02-11, effective 01-12)


**Example: If you purchase your horse in November 2011 and record the ownership transfer in the AMHA office in February 2012, the horse will be ineligible to show in AOTE classes during the current 2012 calendar year and will have to wait until 2013 to show in AOTE classes.

AOTE Opt-Out Form