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1. Why do the necks of some stallions get thick and fall over to one side? What can we do to stop this?
Genetics, feed and conditioning all effect your horses neck. First, I would try to pick out a horse who has good neck conformation. This is the easiest way to win this battle. Next, I would analyze my feeding program. Feed with a high fat content should be avoided for any horse with a neck concern. Finally, conditioning is where we can take what God has given your horse and enhance it. Wrap your horses neck each night making sure that you straighten how your horses crest lays. If the crest has started to fall, I will even wrap the neck so it lays to the opposite direction of how it has fallen. Every other day I would exercise the horse with a neoprene neck sweat on. These things together should give your horse the best possible neck.

2. What diet regimen do you recommend for show horses?

Everyone has their own programs that work best for them. This is what has worked for me. My basic feed is 2 cups crimped, cleaned oats, 2 cups Omelene 200 and 2 cups soaked beet pulp plus 1 pound of alfalfa twice a day. I also feed Red Cell and daily wormer in the evening. I adjust this ration to each horse individually based on size and body condition.

3. Tell me about the exercise program you put your horses through to keep them in top show condition.

As I stated before, everyone has their own program. We prefer to long trot our horses along the side of our golf carts for 20 minutes, usually with neoprene neck sweats on. We do this 3 or 4 days a week.

We also turn horses out in play groups 1 or 2 afternoons a week. The rest of the time is spent relaxing in their stalls.

We adjust work schedules according to the horses weight and condition.

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