Region 03

Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina
South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

AMHA Regional Director(s)

Mullen, Laura (Secretary)
Phone: 607.769.6743
705 Westland Dr. - Greensboro - NC - 27410 

AMHA Approved Clubs

East Coast Miniature Horse Club
2592 Halle Ann Circle Karen Hunter - President
Winston Salem NC 27103 Amber Carter - Vice President
336.830.3266 Kimberly Altman - Secretary
Karen Hunter - Contact Dan Mershon- Treasurer


Old Dominion Miniature Horse Club
385 Singhass Road Lynn Gulledge Fatale- President
Winchester VA 22602 Michael Wells - Vice President
703.963.5719 Carol Hollar- Secretary
Lynn Gulledge - Fatale- Contact Bill Hollar- Treasurer


West Virginia Miniature Horse Club
316 Geral L Bates Dr Melisa Skidmore - President
Clarksburg, WV 26301 Adawn Caswell - Vice President
304.783.4827 Margaret Mellon- Secretary
Melisa Skidmore - Contact Gregory Skidmore- Treasurer


AMHA Sponsors


AMHA Regional Map

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