AMHA Clubs At A Glance

Guidelines for AMHA Local Club Approval*

 Provide application, including Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, or certification by Club
Officers that the Club is a duly organized existing Club.

 $25 non-refundable fee.

 Agree to abide by AMHA Rules and Regulations as well as Show Rules in shows
sanctioned by AMHA.

• AMHA approved Clubs are encouraged to sponsor or put on approved AMHA Shows
and could be involved in any other promotional events. Each AMHA show must be held
as a separate event. (no co-mingling of events). As an example: An approved AMHA
show could be on one day and another event could be on an adjoining day or any other
day or time.

• Agree to encourage Club Members to be Members of the American Miniature Horse

 Agree to promote the interest of the American Miniature Horse and to be governed in a
fashion consistent with the principles of the American Miniature Horse Association. No
Club will be recognized if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, it was organized for
purposes inconsistent with ideals of the American Miniature Horse Association.

 The American Miniature Horse Association reserves the right to refuse approval to a
Club on the grounds that the Club name may confuse or mislead persons as to the nature
and purpose of the Club. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be conclusive on
this issue.

*Revised June 9 2001, AMHA Board Meeting in Minneapolis.
Local Club Approval Benefits

When a Club agrees to abide by the foregoing requirements, the American Miniature Horse Association

• Recognize and approve the Club and grant a Certificate to that effect.

• Publish, in every issue of the Miniature Horse World at no charge, the name of the
recognized or approved Club, including the current mailing address and list of Officers.

• Publish, on a limited space basis, Club news in the Miniature Horse World.

• Give a 10% discount on club advertising in the Miniature Horse World. The AMHA
Board of Directors reserves the right to approve any advertising submitted as "club
advertising" prior to publication.

• Offer the opportunity to participate in various AMHA-sponsored functions.

AMHA Approved Club application

Club Renewal Form