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Letter to all AMHA Approved International Clubs


As you are hopefully aware, the American Miniature Horse Association has a new Article XX in its Bylaws that goes into effect on January 1, 2011. It concerns your AMHA Approved Club and International Honorary AMHA Directors. A copy of this new AMHA bylaw follows. Please read and review it.

As you can see, effective January 1, 2011 the title for Honorary Director will be changed to International Emissary. The new bylaw also spells out that each AMHA Approved International Club is eligible to have an (one) International Emissary appointee, which is to be elected/selected by the club. The appointee’s name must be received in the AMHA office by January 15th. The appointee will then be confirmed by the AMHA Board of Directors at their next Board meeting, probably in February. So this requires each AMHA Approved International Club to begin the process of electing/selecting their International Emissary appointee soon so that the appointee’s name can be submitted to AMHA in a timely manner and received by AMHA no later than January 15, 2011.

Obviously, this means that the terms of all existing AMHA Honorary Directors ends on December 31, 2010. These individuals can be elected/selected by their Approved AMHA Club as their club’s Emissary Appointee for a new term starting on January 1, 2011.

The new bylaw also spells out the duties of the International Emissary, plus other requirements, including AMHA membership. Please give all of these requirements and duties proper consideration when electing/selecting your new AMHA International Emissary appointment.

Also, you need to be aware there are pending changes in the new bylaw, Article XX. A proposed bylaw change has been approved by the AMHA Board of Directors and will probably be confirmed by the AMHA Membership during their meeting in February 2011. If confirmed/approved, these changes would become effective January 1, 2012. The main proposed change is in the name. It is proposed that the name be changed back in January 2012 to AMHA Honorary Director from Emissary. The proposal also includes some additional duties for the Honorary Director position. Attached to this cover letter is a copy of these proposed additions and the name change.

We are confident these changes will result in better communication between AMHA and the International Clubs and better outline the duties and requirements for the new AMHA Emissaries (Honorary Directors). We look forward to receiving your new 2011 Emissary Appointee’s name, AMHA membership number, and their complete mailing address, phone, fax numbers, and email contact information.

Thanks for your cooperation and attention to these important AMHA bylaw changes.


Article XX (NEW) -- International

Section 1 – Enumeration

International refers to all geographic locations outside of the current AMHA recognized regions (see Article XI International)


Section 2 - International Emissary

  • Each AMHA Approved International Club shall be responsible for elections to select a recommended appointee to be confirmed by the AMHA Board of Directors. The name of the recommended appointee must be received in the AMHA Office on or before January 15th of the calendar year. Emissaries will be confirmed by the Board of Directors at their next meeting.

  • Additional emissaries may be appointed if necessary due to large geographic areas or the absence of an AMHA recognized club at the AMHA Board of Directors discretion.

  • Each emissary shall be an AMHA member in good standing.

  • International emissaries must speak, write and read English as well as the language of their country of residence.

  • Any member in a geographic region without the representation of an AMHA Approved International Club may make application to the Association, said application stating the applicant’s reasons for seeking the position and their desired accomplishments.

  • Duties

  • International Emissary will serve as designated person for communications from their constituents to the AMHA and be responsible for distribution of information from the AMHA to their constituents.

  • Submit an Annual Report listing all actions and activities conducted by their club and/or region. Annual Report is to include list of information including shows, number of horses involved, promotional activities, membership statistics and other information relevant to their constituents and the AMHA. Annual Reports must be submitted to the AMHA Office on or before December 31.

  • Assist their constituents as needed with the completion of AMHA forms, translation of rules and regulations and other information.

  • Provide information, articles and photos for publication in official AMHA material as it is available.

  • The term of an International Emissary shall be three years with a maximum of six years consecutive. If there are insufficient candidates to fill available emissary positions from a given country, the current emissary may run for additional terms by making written request to the AMHA Office.

  • Vacancies created because of death, resignation, disqualification or otherwise may be filled upon recommendation of the AMHA Approved International Club or the AMHA Board of Directors.


Article XX – International

Section 1 – Enumeration


Section 2 – Honorary Director (change name from Emissary as approved in Feb. 2010)

F. Duties (add the following to existing bylaws approved in Feb. 2010)


e. Encourage and support the holding of AMHA Approved Horse Shows

within the Designated country.


f. Encourage the transfer of registration of all imported AMHA horses.


g. Offer guidance and leadership to the promotion of the breed within their

country with collaboration with AMHA.


h. Support AMHA in the conduct of the Regional Horse shows.


i. Encourage the retention of AMHA members within AMHA Approved


AMHA Now Accepting Wire Transfers

At the request of some of our international members, AMHA has established a bank account for receiving wire transfers. Payment must still be made in U.S. Dollars. There are additional costs involved in this method and these costs are the responsibility of the member. It must be noted that paying with a credit card is still the method preferred by AMHA and is the lesser expensive method for the member. However, if the member so chooses, the wire transfer method is available.


It must be understood that this method is not the same as the internet banking to which members living in the European Union may be accustomed. Due to the differences in the banking systems, individual banks in the U.S. and Europe cannot directly interface with one another. Funds transferred to the U.S. must go through international clearing banks and there may be multiple clearing banks involved before the funds reach the destination (AMHA) bank. This is where the cost of transfers is increased because each intermediate bank may charge a processing fee. To pay for these intermediate bank fees, the member must add $50 U.S. to the original fees to be submitted. Be aware that the originating bank, the member’s bank, may also charge the member a fee for initiating the wire transfer.


AMHA is continuing to search for more cost effective alternatives. In the meantime, if you choose to submit your payment by means of wire transfer, add an additional $50 U.S. to your work order total and provide the following information to your bank:


First Financial Bank

403 N Main

Cleburne, Texas 76033


Routing # 111921230

Account # 44015000316

Funding Request for Affiliated Clubs International Approved Horse Show Judge 


This form must be completed and submitted to the AMHA International Marketing Coordinator 90 days in advance of the actual date of the show. No applications will be considered for funding after the show has been completed. 

The purpose of this financial grant is to encourage and promote the exhibition of American Miniature Horses outside of the United States. The granting of these funds requires a licensed AMHA judge to participate as the official judge for the event and for this judge to provide an educational program to the exhibitors/club members. 

In an effort to support the AMHA affiliated clubs outside of the United States, the AMHA has a re-imbursement program to pay for a portion of the approved travel related expenses for AMHA licensed judges to travel for the purpose of judging AMHA foreign approved horse shows. To be eligible for this re-imbursement program, the AMHA affiliated club must apply in advance of the actual show dates, and comply with other policies and procedures before funds can be approved. In most cases, a new show will not be eligible for funding for its first event, unless a prior arrangement has been made to comply with the prior year’s budget request. 

It is important to understand the funding is on a ‘funds-available’ basis, and restricted by adherence to budget constraints. And there are restrictions and limitations on the availability of the funds depending upon uses established by the United States Livestock Genetics Export (USLGE) and the United States Department of Agriculture – Foreign Marketing Service. This is a re-imbursement program, whereby the affiliated club must conduct the event, and submit appropriate receipts for the approved purposes. Once these funds have been processed, and submitted to the USLGE office, the AMHA will receive the funds from the USLGE at which time will be forwarded to the applicant affiliated club to their banking institution.