AMHA Gelding Incentive Fund

The Gelding Incentive Fund (GIF) Program has changed! 
The newly adopted program varies from the GIF programs of previous years so please be sure to familiarize yourself with the new program.

The purpose of the GIF continues to be the promotion of registrations and transfers of AMHA geldings by increasing their value through a monetary incentive encouraging their exhibition in the show arena. The GIF is intended to be self-sustaining by means of nomination fees paid by the participants. As available, other sources of funding may be used to supplement the prize money available for payout. Geldings participating in the GIF must be nominated annually. You may nominate your gelding for a non-refundable fee of $50 at anytime during the show-year through the closing date of entries of the World Show. The postmark of the nomination will determine the timeliness of its submission. Late nominations will be accepted for a non-refundable fee of $100 up to the official start of the first class of the World Show. A single fee nominates the gelding for any and all GIF classes in which he is entered. All nomination fees go into the general gelding fund and are not maintained by a specified class or division.

The monetary awards will apply solely to the pure gelding classes offered at the World Show as listed below:

Youth Classes (7)
YOTE Geldings
Youth Exhibiting Jr. Gelding - 7 & under
Youth Exhibiting Jr. Gelding - 8-12 years
Youth Exhibiting Jr. Gelding - 13-18 years
Youth Exhibiting Sr. Gelding - 7 & under
Youth Exhibiting Sr. Gelding - 8-12 years
Youth Exhibiting Sr. Gelding - 13-18 years  
Amateur & AOTE Classes (10)
Amateur Jr. Gelding Level 1
Amateur Jr. Gelding Level 2
Amateur Sr. Gelding Level 1 - 30" & under
Amateur Sr. Gelding Level 1 - over 30" to 34"
Amateur Sr. Gelding Level 2 - 30" & under
Amateur Sr. Gelding Level 2 - over 30" to 34"
AOTE Jr. Gelding Level 1
AOTE Jr. Gelding Level 2
AOTE Sr. Gelding Level 1
AOTE Sr. Gelding Level 2  
Open Classes (8)
Weanling & yearling Geldings
2 yr old Geldings - 33" & under
Sr. Geldings - 30" & under
Sr. Geldings - over 30" to 32"
Sr. Geldings - over 32" to 34"
Country Pleasure Driving Geldings
Single Pleasure Driving geldings
Classic Pleasure Driving Geldings  

The total general gelding fund will be allocated among the Youth (15%), Amateur/AOTE (42.5%) and Open (42.5%) divisions. Each division's allocation will then be equally apportioned to each class within that division. Although non-nominated horses will be eligible to compete in the specified classes for World Show titles,only nominatedgeldings will be eligible to receive GIF monetary awards. The top six (6)nominatedgeldings placing within the top ten of a GIF eligible class will receive a share of the prize money for that class according to their order of finish among thenominatedgeldings per the distribution schedule of:

1st 40%
2nd 20%
3rd 15%
4th 11%
5th 8%
6th 6%

Any nominated horse that does not earn a top ten finish in the class isnoteligibleto receive a GIF award regardless of the number of nominated horses with higher finishes. Therefore, it is possible that fewer than six places may be paid out for a particular class. Any GIF funds not dispersed are returned to the general gelding fund for distribution the following year.

The following also applies to the GIF:

1) A nominated horse exhibited by a youth must be owned by that youth or an immediate family member as defined in YD-010 C pertaining to AMHYA titles and awards.

2) All AOTE and YOTE rules and restrictions apply to the AOTE and YOTE gelding classes.

3) AMHA rules concerning leased horses apply to all GIF divisions.

4) GIF award checks will be mailed to GIF winners within 30 days of the close of the World Show.