Ultimate Gelding Regional Awards

Attention Central, Eastern, and Western Regional Show Exhibitors! Enter and nominate your gelding for a chance to win one of these awesome buckles.


The AMHA Ultimate Gelding Regional Awards are awards that will be presented each year at all three of the AMHA Regional Championship Shows. Champion & Reserve Champion Awards will be presented to the top - 2-- placings for each division. 

The awards are based on points and will be awarded in three divisions - youth, amateur and open. Points will follow the horse, and the appropriate award will be presented to the RECORDED owner as of the transfer and/or Lease deadline for the Regional shows in the current show year. 

Only 1 Award will be given regardless of how many names are on the horse's registration papers. It's up to those recorded to determine "who" gets the award. 

1) Although non-nominated horses will be eligible to compete in the specified classes for Regional Championship Show titles, only nominated geldings will be eligible to receive AMHA Ultimate Gelding Regional Awards. 

2) A nominated horse exhibited by a youth must be owned by that youth or an immediate family member as defined in YD-010 C pertaining to AMHYA titles and awards. All YOTE rules and restrictions apply to the YOTE gelding class. 

3) A gelding must be nominated by: Completing a nomination form and giving the form and required nomination fee to show management before the horse goes into his first class. 

The nomination fees are as follows: 
Youth/YOTE - $25.00 
Amateur/AOTE - $25.00 
Open - $25.00 

A gelding can be nominated in one, two or all three divisions. 

There are 12 awards broken down by: 

Youth halter, Youth Performance (to include YOTE & to include Special Needs Youth) 
Amateur Halter, Amateur Performance (to include AOTE) 
Open Halter and Open Performance (to include Special Needs Adult). 

A 1st & 2nd will be awarded in each Nominated Geldings may earn points in all classes they are eligible with the exception of: 
The 3 & 4 Year Old Driving classes 
Multiple Hitch Classes 
Best Matched Pair 
Get of Sire 
Produce of Dam 
Mare & Foal 
Three By One Owner 
Golden Showmanship 

The points will be awarded according to where the nominated geldings place in their prospective classes. Points will be awarded for 1st thru 10th place. For Example: 1st place getting 10 points 2nd getting 9 points & so on. Should there be less than 10 entries, points will be awarded accordingly; for example: with 5 horses; 1st place gets 5, 2nd gets 4 & so on. 

All Geldings will receive a number out of a special series of numbers to make tracking them easier. For Example 900, 901, 902, 903 etc. 

If a tie occurs: 

Open Halter, the horse that place highest in their Open height halter class breaks the tie. 

Open Performance, the horse that places highest in their Open Gelding driving class breaks the tie. 
Amateur Halter, the horse that place highest in their regular Amateur Halter class breaks the tie. 

Amateur Performance, the horse that places highest in their regular Amateur driving class (Classic, Country, or Single) 

Youth Halter, the horse that places the highest in their regular Youth halter class breaks the tie. 

Youth Performance, the horse that places highest in their regular Youth driving class (Classic, Country, or Single) breaks the tie. 

If you would like any clarification or are interested in Sponsorships contact: Val - val@amha.org