Download pdf - Stallion Breeding Report

Download pdf - Stallion Breeding Report Southern Hemisphere

How to Guide - Breeding Reports (pdf)

Stallion breeding reports shall be submitted to the Association office by December 31st of each breeding year. (A grace period of fifteen (15) days will be allowed - must be POSTMARKED the 15th of January or before.) A filing fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per stallion must be submitted with the report. If stallion is co-owned with "and", signatures of all owners are required to sign the stallion report. If submitted as a late report (after January 15th) the fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) filing fee plus ten dollars ($10.00) per mare must be PAID before the foaling date of a resulting foal or blood-typing/DNA-testing for parent qualification of the foal will be required for the foal to be considered for registration. If not submitted and foal is born a report must be filed, a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) late filing fee plus ten dollars ($10.00) per mare paid and the foal parent qualified by blood-typing/DNA testing the foal, sire and dam. If a breeding stallion dies during any current breeding year his stallion report is due within thirty (30) days following his death. Stallion breeding reports for the Southern Hemisphere shall be submitted to the Association office by August 1 with no grace period.
1. Submit a separate report on each stallion each year. Be sure to fill in the COMPLETE name of the stallion and the CORRECT number. If the name and number are incorrect it causes delay in entering the information into the computer.
2. The report must be postmarked no later than January 15th of the year following the breeding season.
A. On or before January 15th of each year, the owner of every stallion must submit a written report showing the names and registration numbers of all mares exposed to said stallion through December 31st of the previous year. Be sure to fill in the COMPLETE names of the mare and the CORRECT number. PLEASE NO NICKNAMES!
B. The report shall also include all hand breeding dates, artificial insemination dates or dates of pasture exposure.
C. This report shall include all mares serviced whether owned by the owner of the stallion or owned by other parties.
3. The owner of the stallion should require a copy of each mare's registration certificate in order to facilitate completion of this form.
4. Be sure that the last recorded owner of the mare is the person who contracts the breeding.
5.Give exact date(s) exposed- if more than one service is given a mare- be sure and show the different dates.
6.Note method of breeding by placing the letters A-Artificial Insemination, H-Hand, P-Pasture or T-Transported Semen in the column provided.
7.If pasture exposed- give date the mare was turned into the pasture and the date she was taken out of the pasture. It is very important the breeding dates be correct and precise. If hand bred or Al, state the exact day(s). If pasture bred, he sure to list BEGINNING and ENDING DATES. Do not combine two years.
8.Mail white copy (top) to AMHA office and keep yellow copy for your records. Do not detach Confirmation Form. This will be returned to you upon receipt in the AMHA office.
9.If report is postmarked after January 15, include a late filing fee of twenty-five ($25.00) plus ten dollars ($10.00) per mare listed.
10.If report is not on file and fees paid before foal is born, blood-typing/DNA testing will be required to parent qualify the foal. The owner of record of the stallion must sign (all co-owners must sign if the ownership is with "and" connector) and date the report. It is helpful if you do complete the address and phone number lines.
Within thirty (30) days after a stallion is sold, the previous owner or registered agent, must file a stallion breeding report with the Association. If a breeding stallion dies during any current breeding season, the stallion breeding report is due within thirty (30) days following the death.
After a mare has been exposed or bred to one stallion, either by hand or pasture breeding, at least forty two (42) days must elapse before exposing the mare to a different stallion.
1. All stallions bred to five (5) or more mares in a calendar year must be bloodtyped and/or DNA tested before any resulting foals or foals from future breedings will be considered for registration. No foals born after December 31, 1994, will be registered until this requirement is met. After the bloodtyping or DNA test results are on file with AMHA, the stallion is not required to be tested again.
2. All foals born after December 31, 1995, must be DNA tested or blood typed prior to registration of their off-spring.
3. The owner or lessee of the dam at time of foaling is responsible for registration of the foal. If a foal is to be listed in an individual's name other than the owner or lessee of the dam at time of foaling, then a transfer report and fee shall be required. SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE
Stallion Breeding Reports for Southern Hemisphere shall be submitted by August 1st of each breeding season with no grace period.