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186C Duplicate Certificates
To obtain a duplicate certificate of registration, the recorded owner must file with the Association a completed affidavit satisfactorily explaining the loss of the original certificate, and pay the appropriate fee. Upon approval by the Association, a duplicate certificate, so marked, will be issued to the recorded owner.


A duplicate registration certificate may be requested for a number of reasons, certificate lost by owner, lost by buyer, lost by auction company, lost in the mail to AMHA, lost in the mail from AMHA or numerous other reasons. The form must be completed with the information about the horse and the owner. The signature must be of the owner of record with AMHA even if the certificate was lost by another person. Four photographs according to AMHA requirements and a fee (see fee schedule) must be submitted to the AMHA office before a duplicate certificate will be issued. If a status change to Permanent is being processed at the time of the duplicate request, the height certification must be completed.