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How to Guide - Syndicates (pdf)

In order for a syndicate to be recognized by the Association as owner of one or more horses, the horse(s) must be transferred into the name of the syndicate with the following items:
1. A written report of the transfer to the syndicate name must be completed and signed by the last recorded owner. This transfer must be received by the Association office accompanied by the certificate to registration, the proper transfer fee and disclosure of the names of the syndicate members.
2 Written authorization shall be filed with the Association office (forms available upon request), accompanied by the fee schedule, appointing the syndicate manager and signed by the syndicate manager.
3. When or if changes are made in the syndicate manager or syndicate members, written notice must be provided to the Association office indicating the change. No cancellation of the outgoing manager or syndicate members will be made unless written notice to this effect is received by the Association.